Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy 5 Months to Our Boys!

Our boys turned 5 months old on Saturday, and Landon blessed us with his a wonderful birthday gift – Sleep!  He finally slept through the night.  And again on Saturday.  And if I ever get to bed tonight, I will hopefully get to enjoy the third night.   

The kiddos are getting big, well big to us. They are still three months in the adjusted age category so they are definitely not topping the charts. Landon is just about 13 pounds and Hudson is 14 lbs 3 ounces. They have been hovering right at a pound and half difference in weight. And speaking of, it is amazing how heavy that one pound feels. You would think it was 10.

And they are definitely more alert these days.  Starting to play with their toys and talking to anything and everything.  Can’t wait for us to one day understand what they are trying to say!

Here is the 5 month bear picture.

5 Months - bear

Mommy and her future red raiders.

mom and her texas tech boys 

Pony ride anyone?

Giddy up 

Can you see why his new name is Smiles?

Hud and Lan enjoying some play time 

I found some fresh baby birds when mowing today.  They were probably only a couple days old at most.

Baby Birds 

We headed out on Saturday to a wedding. Thanks mom and dad for staying with the boys.  We really appreciated the time away… even though our phones kept texting you for updates.  We aren’t sure why they kept doing that.  Must have been a glitch with the cell phone network.

Looking snazzy 

And here is Hudson tired as can be.  I think he is dreaming about getting his guns up.  Go Tech!

one tired boy

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Say Cheese

Here are some random photos over the past two weeks.  Enjoy.


Feed me… I know, I should stop grabbing the camera when they both want food.  But it is too much fun to capture these photos.

Feed me!

The boys were watching the Rangers.

Daddy with his boys

Apparently, dad needs to stop going to work.  Looks like mom thinks she has two dress up dolls when she is left unsupervised.

This is what happens when daddy goes to work

Never too early to give them a ball.  I’m impressed he picked up already.  

introduce the ball at an early age 

Landon is a little on the ticklish side.

Landon loves to be tickled 

Happy camper.

happy happy

and more smiles.

More happy 

and even more smiles.

whatever mom is saying is super funny 

ok, you boys can stop smiling now.

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands

Touch down… someone is ready for football season!

touch down

Mom decided to wash Hudson’s hands in the sink.  And he seemed to understand what was going on.  Or, he just like the way the water felt.  Either way, it worked.

Huddie's first handwash in the sink 

Grandpa and Huddie watching some tv.

Grandpa and Hud watching some baseball

Mom and Landon just hangin

Grandma and Landers watching some baseball 

Get your guns up!

Get your guns up 

Landon getting his neck workout in.

Tummy time for Landers

Huddie sleeping peaceful.  He is still in the full swaddle.

Hud sleeping great 

Landon, not so much.  His legs are now free.  His arms will be free soon.  And yes, someone call the fashion police.  I’m not sure what Mom has going on with the socks/pants combo.

Um, someone call the fashion police 

On the way back from Gilmer, we stopped to see my Aunt and Uncle.  Landon loved Aunt Pam!

Aunt Pam and Landon 

Huddie got in on the action as well.

Aunt Pam and Hudson 

Too cool for school.

everyone had their glasses on for the car ride 

We were trying to pose for a photo, but Hudson decided to chow down on his brothers arm.

Huddie trying to eat his brothers hand 

Hudson hangin out.

Hudson with some tummy time

Casey finally got her chance to meet the boys.

Case and Hudster 

Hud and Casey having a little chitchat.

Casey and Hudson having a chitchat 

We are hangin.  Being happy.


And speaking of happy.  Tummy time turned into laughing, eating the ear of our sheep and rolling over.  Fun times for sure.

we love our sheep

Promise, we’ll update more soon!

Jake Turned 1

We made our first road trip to Gilmer, Texas to celebrate Jake’s first birthday.  The trip made us realize that we are now a family of four and that we can’t just jump in the car and go anymore… but we did learn that we can pack less crap.  Seriously, we used 1/4 of what we took with us!  Enjoy some pics from the weekend.

Our happy family… check out the ties on the boys shirts.

our family

When the boys were sleeping, we got some much needed pool time.

boys sleeping means pool time

Cake time!


And Jake loved it… smiled the entire time!

Cake was a success

Mom and her boys sitting pool side  The boys hangin poolside

Jess getting some love from Hudster

Hudster getting some love from Jess 

Mom and Landon hanging out inside.

momma and landers

The crew… multiplying quickly.  A year ago, Reese was the only kiddo.  Now she is one of 5 and about to be a big sister to a new baby brother!

The crew at Jakes party

Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy week with Visitors!

Well it’s been a while since we’ve posted! Where does time go?  We’ve had such a fun, busy week with tons of visitors, and the boys loved all the attention.  :)

They are getting so big and growing like weeds! I just looked back at pics from the day they were born and couldn’t believe it.  Hudson weighed in tonight at 13 lbs, 8 oz and Landon is 12 lbs, 2 oz. And Hudson feels like he’s 5 lbs heavier! It’s crazy!

Here are a few pics from the 4th and our fun week:


Why are you so far away?
Why are you so far away  

First Fourth of July

Happy 4th

Just hangin’..

first fourth

Family pic

family pic

Tummy time with Tyce

Tummy time with Tyce

Three Amigos

Hudson holding paci for Tyce

The sweet Tamney Family

The Tamneys

Excited to have Luke finally here! Hudson
is talking his ear off..

Luke's visit

Rachels’s girls.. Abbie and Emily with Hud


Rachie with Landers

Rach and Landon

Scott and Lindsay getting some baby time

Scott and Lindsay

Great Aunt Jane came in from Tyler!

Jane and LanJane and Mom

Gram & smiley telling stories

Gram and Lan

Great Aunt Jan and Great Grandma from Colorado!

 Great Aunt Jan & Great Grandma

Oops…. everyone looking but the boys!

Fun visit!

Nana enjoying her visit

Nana and Landon  

Just talking about baseball..We love the activity mat 

And.. Goodnight! 

Story time