Friday, May 28, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

At two months, we snuck the boys out of the house for their first photo shoot.  Ok, we have taken 1000’s of photos, but nothing professional.  We ventured over to our friend’s house, Jen Bardwell.  She has a great set up and was excited to shoot her first set of twins.  I told her to get comfortable with them as we will be back soon.  You can also check out some of her great work at Enjoy some of the great moments she captured with our boys.

DSC_1846 DSC_1852 DSC_1833 DSC_1837 DSC_1828 DSC_1827 DSC_1777



DSC_1892 DSC_1906 DSC_1856



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wow, 3 months!

I feel like I just posted a two month update last week.  The boys are doing great.  They are now 12.5 weeks old (4.5 weeks gestational age). They are getting bigger and stronger.  Landon is approaching the 10 pound mark and Hudson is almost 20.  Ok, he is only 11, but he feels like he is 20.  They have each started to smile and coo.  Oh yea, and fuss.  Ok, the fussing is a minimal, but would you compare it to a cat that sleeps all day, we still think it is a lot.  And yes, that cat has returned to the house.  She is pretty much scared of the boys so hopefully that will continue.  Don’t even think she has stepped foot into their rooms. And if anyone wants her, just ask.  We will make the handoff when Erin is sleeping.

We had a couple visits to the doctor for our check up and shots.  They were pretty uneventful except for Landon who decided to empty his freshly consumed bottle on the elevator ride up.  Makes for a fun entrance, especially when the elevator opens into the lobby of the practice.  Once we finished the fun stuff of changing clothes and cleaning up, we discussed our eating and reflux issues.  We are now on Prevacid (which I’m convinced has gold dust in it given the price) and a new formula.  Sorry Similac rep, we are now onto Infamil.  But thanks for the free stuff that you sent us, we appreciate it. 

And speaking of eating, our boy Hudson decided to revert to the NICU days and forget to breathe.  Ok, it was more of choking that led to a breathing issue, but either way, it freaked us out.  Good thing we weren’t sleeping during that first aid class.  All seems to have settled down now, but needless to say, we have spent the past 10 days worried during every bottle.  Today, we went to the hospital for both boys to conduct a Barium Swallow Study.  Hudson’s test was to figure out the recent episode, and Landon’s is to hopefully clear us from having to add thickener to his bottles.  And they both did great.  No more thickener for Landon and Hudson just needed a different nipple on the bottle.  Check and check.  We are all good.

Other than that, just a bunch of days consisting of awake babies and not much sleeping!  We know, it will get better… so if you were just about to type that comment in the comment section, we got it.  Loud and clear.

Enjoy some of the new pics.

Hudson is trying to help daddy work.  Hey, whatever makes you productive.  Go with it.

Hud helping dad work 

Forget tummy time, I’m going to just hang out and rest.

forget tummy time, i'm just going to hold my head up

My stylin new outfit. And yes, daddy picked it out!

Stylin in my new outfit

Not sure who is sleeping more peacefully.

Not sure who is sleeping more peacefully 

And speaking of peaceful (kidding), check out this face… it says, “Feed Me!”

feed me 

Sweet brothers!

The brotherly touch

Hudson catching a few Z’s in grandpa’s arms.

Hudson getting some shuteye with grandpa

The boys enjoying their new piggy banks.  Thanks Aunt Laura!!

The boys and their new piggy banks

Scott and Rain stopped by to say hi.

Scott and Rain stopping by to see the boys 

Cal loves his brother!

Cal and his brother

Momma conducting a science lesson with our aquarium.  Ssh, Don’t tell the boys it is fake.

The boys and their fish tank

The art of feeding two if you are the mom…

the art of feeding two

…and here is what you do if you are the dad!


We have also had a number of visitors and meals dropped off.  It has been wonderful to see everyone, thank you.


Amy, who is Landon’s future Kindergarten teacher.

Amy and Landon

Erin and Erin.

Erin and Erin

If you look really really close, you can spot the third baby BOY in the pictures.  Congrats Kelly, Ryan and Reese!

Can you spot the third baby

Debbie, Jeanne and Cayson (teachers from Daffron, Erin’s old school)

Debbie, Jeanne, Cayson

Debbie and Erin with the boys

Debbie and Erin with the boys

Nicole and Hudson enjoying some quality time.Nicole and Hud

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another hospital visit behind us

Landon’s surgery went well on Tuesday.  We arrived bright and early with Grandma and Grandpa in tow.  They were a huge help tending to Hudster while we could focus on Landon.  Dr Lanoue took about an hour to repair a hernia on both sides, stitched him up with superglue (ok, there are some stitches in their as well) and gave us 24 hours of monitoring before we could go home.  Our plan was for me to stay with Landon, and Erin would head home with Hudson.  After checking into our room, the charge nurse offered to get us a bigger room so that Hudson could spend the night with us… our first slumber party!

Here are some photos from the journey:

Feeding Hudson while waiting on the surgery to conclude.

Tired daddy

Happy momma as her son wakes up from surgery.

Landon post surgery in mommas arms

A very drugged up Landon who decided to sleep for more than 6 hours following surgery.  Now, could he just do that at night for us.

Landon still drugged up and enjoying some z's

Grandma holding chub-a-lub after he got his belly full.  Doesn’t he look light a meat head that can’t put his arms to his side?

our chub a lub loving his milk coma

Landon sharing his bed with Hudson.  

Landon sharing is bed with his brother

Momma feeding hudson.

Hudson looking at mom for approval

Gram and Grandma enjoying some laughs.

Gram, Mom and the boys

Hudson enjoy some big boy pillows.

Hud enjoy a big boy pillow

Cord free and ready to go home.  p.s. nobody tell him that he has a Dora band-aid on his foot.

Nobody tell him he has a dora bandaid

Friday, May 21, 2010

NICU Reunion

We realize that we have only been out of the NICU for a month, but they held their annual reunion this past weekend.  We were able to stop by, say hi and snap a few shots with our favorite nurses.  Plus, it was the first time our doctors let us go out in public.  yea!

Our arrival, and we be stylin’

Our arrival at the nicu

Lisa couldn’t stay away! The boys love her!

Lisa and her boys 

Danielle (she does our feeding studies) and Tracy one of our favorite NP.

Danielle and Tracy

Texting fools.  Someone ask these two girls how many texts they have had between each other over the last 30 days.  Hint: take the overs.

Texting fools

Happy family!

One happy family

Katie and her Carter

Carter and his momma

Carter getting some Lisa lovin’

Katie and Lisa

Rebecca, Christie and Erin

some of our nurses