Monday, July 30, 2012

Jackets in July?

It’s beyond weird that we’ve been wearing jackets in the summer.  It dawned on me today that the last time I had on a jacket in July, I must have been in Colorado. It’s never happened in Texas. I will say after 5 minutes Hudson said, “jacket off please”. Haha! This morning, it was 60 outside!

We had a nice morning playing in our backyard & I’m really enjoying this Washington weather! And see below…Wow, looks like a warm front moves in on Saturday!

jackets in july


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Did someone say Park?

I’ve always loved a good park.  Fresh grass, kids laughing & playing, parents talking, dogs running, it’s such a wonderful place to be. I’ve really enjoyed all of the phenomenal parks that are around here. And I mean like 5-10 min way. There are small ones with just a few things & then there are amazing ones that have awesome views. We’ve enjoyed our park exploring in the two and a half weeks we’ve been here.

We found a new one on Saturday called Newcastle Beach Park. There are lifeguards on duty for those that want to swim in Lake Washington. Saturday it was chilly,the high around 64 and two people were swimming. And I mean two kids were swimming. Not one bit cold & having a blast. We are such Texas wimps needing the water to be 80+ degrees. Maybe one day we will take the plunge & try the cold water. ;)

view blue hydrangea purplehuddie lake landon 

I spy a big kid having just as much fun! 


This is from our picnic today in Lake Boren Park.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Newcastle, Washington gains 4!

We stepped off the plane in Seattle on July 5, 2012 & said Wow, this is our new home! What a surreal feeling & also very strange. We’ve been here almost 2 weeks now & we are getting settled more and more. Our house is feeling like home & we are all really enjoying it here.  It’s been a much smoother transition than I thought—so I can’t complain. We plan to unpack more of the garage this weekend as well as hang some pictures. :)

Jason is loving his new job and working hard too. He’s working much longer hours, but that’s just part of it. Some days he gets home earlier & we have been outside pretty much every evening, all evening. We look forward to doing some lunch dates with Daddy here soon.  I’m proud of Jason for all of his hard work!

We love the neighbors all around us—we really could not have picked nicer people & the same aged kids to live by us. They all play outside at night and every Friday night they all gather for Happy Hour and the kids play. SCORE! I’ll have my wine glass ready around 4 pm! ;)

Here are a few pics from the past two weeks. More to come as we will soon venture out and see some of the surrounding sights!

At a park at the end of our street


Found another park on the next street over

Landon- slide    
Snowqualmie Falls – absolutely stunning! 30 min. from our house

waterfall The crewMom & Landers Mom & Me

Our backyard
backyard hudcroc HArd at work
Landon found himself a girlfriend in no time.

Gram came for a week & we loved having her here!
porch with gram 

park with Gram

  We miss everyone in TEXAS! Come visit us very soon!