Monday, September 13, 2010

Another weekend with the boys

The boys decided to wrestle, WWE style.  Huddie thought he had the upper hand, but it looks like Landon took control and pinned Hudson with ease.

Huddie pushing landon around Hud in control

I win, this is fun.

Landon pins huddie for the win

Mom, this is fun

Yum, your fingers taste a lot like mine.

Can I see those teeth


We hung out at the O’s on Sunday afternoon.  It was good to see everyone.

Hud and dad hanginMorgan and her facial expressions.  She is a blast.

Morg and some facial expressionsShe started to warm up to me.

Morgan O

Some really intense looks at the book.

very intense groupLandon and Rob getting their read on.

Rob and Landon getting their reading onEric loving a child that will sit and be calm.  Huddie is always up for it.

EO and Huddie hanginPolo isn’t quite sure what to think of this.

Polo isn't sure what is going onLandon petting Polo.

nice doggieBarb and Hud haning out

barb having a chat with hudBev enjoying some time with Landon.

Bev and Landon hangin out

We had Whit/Clint and Olescia/Gary over on Saturday.  It was fun time and lots of kids. 

J and Paige

J with Paige

Chad and Paige checking out the jumparoo

Paige and Chad checking out the toys

Chad wanting to play with Hudson

Chad checking out Hud

Gary and Hudson have a good ole conversation

Gary and Hudson having a chat

The girls and all the kiddos.

The girls holding the kiddos

Hudson and Landon enjoying some real food for the first time.  Ok, it was only squash, but nobody tell Hudson.  He was so happy to get it.  Landon, not so much.  Well, he is still trying to figure out the baby food stuff. 

First baby food... and he loves it.  squash. He thinks he likes the squash, but still thinking about it

Happy Kiddos… first Landon waking up and then Hudson after chow time.

just woke up and happy

Happy Huddie

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Misc Pics from the Past 2 Weeks


Happy Huddie 

happy hudsterBoys are smiling big.

Happy boysUp, down.  Up, down.

this is funUp and a smile.

again mom, againUm, please don’t sit on me.

don't sit on meSome serious looks from the peanut gallery.

hi boys

We love lights…

we love us some lights

And we stare at them forever.

The boys enjoying some lightsDaddy and his boys.

Daddy and his boysI will have a full diaper in T-minus 30 seconds.

full diaper in T minus 30 seconds I love my tongue.

I love my tongue Gram and her boys.

Gram and her boys

Riley hugging on Huddie while Auntie T stares on.

ry giving hugs to hudster

Morgan not looking too interested.

Morgan and Erin Riley playing with Landers.

Ry and Landon playing Some parents start a college fund… we just buy formula.

a small fortuneElle is getting a little warmer to the boys, at least she is in the same room now.

Elle slowly warming up to the boys Happy huddie

Huddie showing his personalityAnd even more smiles.

Huddie and his quick photoshoot on the couchElle decided the diaper bag looked like a good place to rest.

Elle found a seat on the diaper bagLandon is enjoying some time with daddy.

lot's of giggles

Daddy and his mini-me

landon laughing at daddy's grey hairHuddie is being serious about something.

One of us is really serious We make it out for a dinner every now and then.  The boys have been great so far.

Eating out And yes, Landon is a flirt.

and i'm a flirt And Hudson is a Stud.

i'm a studHudson found his feet recently.  He seems to play with them non-stop.

i found my feetLook bro, look at the lights.

Look bro, lookAnd we will just hold hands and enjoy them.

boys holding hands and relaxing