Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update – Nov. 2010

We stop, we think – hmm, where in the world has the year gone.  We can’t believe our boys are now 9 months old.  It is crazy how fast time goes. Hudson is now 20 pounds, 10 ounces.  And Landon is 17 pounds, 10 ounces.   They are about the same height.  We’ll know for sure when they measure them at their doctors appointment tomorrow.

Here is their monthly photo:

9 Months Bear Pic

And because it is fun to look back, check out their 3 month photo:

3 months

We decided to put up Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving.  After getting over the neighbors laughing at us, it was all good. 

Our house with lights

And we now have four!  and we now have four Our tree

The boys absolutely love the train.

We love trains like daddy

It's that time a year again

Playing is our favorite hobby these days.  And we are good at it.  Landon looks like he wanting to be called upon, but he is actually trying to reach the tree.

yes, landon Boys playing hard

While mom planted flowers, Landon played.  And laughed.

Landon having fun out front 

Justin (my college roommate) and his family stopped by to visit. 

Don't worry L, I would be making that face too if J had a hold of me E with Logan Logan and Landon meeting for the first time Landon and Carolyn

Karen (from my office) brought over her three year old twin girls to meet the boys.  It was so fun to see them interact.  Kristen and Kaitlyn were also very nice to give the boys a basketball hoop.  Thank you.

Kramer twins meet the Genthner twins

Kristen and Landers

 Kristen and Hud having funThank you Kristen and Kaitlyn

And more playing:ExploringGotcha  Look what I found Say cheese  pop goes the weasel

For Turkey Day, we went to my parents house.  It was a good time with the family.  We all wrote what we were thankful for on a leaf and then read them at dinner.  As you could imagine, Hudson said he was most thankful for food.  :)

Grandma and HudsterBoys love their new workbench from grandma and grandpa Some intense concentration Somebody has learned to crawl Hud playing with Uncle Scott and Aunt Rain Cal feeding Hudson Happy Turkey Day L and Grandma Cal having a chat with L

We went to see the Hardin’s new home.  The boys love the playroom.  If they could only walk, I’m sure they would have loved it even more.  And as an added bonus, we got to see Mark (Dan’s brother), Kim and Hadley.

Kids kids and more kidsAunt Tara and Landers 
And I turned my head for two minutes, and mom is allowing Hudster to play with Barbie.  Don’t worry, we had a long talk on the way home.  I think I took care of it.

Daddy turns his head for two minutes and look what mom does

And more playing:

Hi bro Happy Kiddos My turn

Landon is obsessed with computers.  So much that he tried crawling from the couch to the ottoman.   Landon is determined Hud

We made a trip to see Granddad.  I just love the photos of the boys holding his hand.  There are 90 years between them. 

Hudson reaching our for GranddadLandon reaching out for Granddad L holding Granddads hands 90 Years seperate these hands

As you can see in the pics, their personalities are starting to come out.  Check out these photos of them wrestling just before bedtime.  Landon might be smaller, but he uses his speed and agility to counter attack.  I see many more episodes of this in our future!

Wrestling 1Wrestling 2  Wrestling 3 Wrestling 4Wrestling 5

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Look forward to a great December!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The boys are growing, and growing.

The last few weeks have been amazing.  The boys are growing up so quick and their personalities are starting to show more and more.  Hudson hit the 20 pound mark, and his brother is only a couple pounds behind.  Hard to believe these guys were in the sub 4 pound range only 8 months ago.  Dr. K is going to be so happy when she sees them for their 9 month appt in a couple weeks.

Enjoy some of our recent pics.

Handsome Boys

happy boys

Landon isn’t crawling just yet, but he is SUPER close!  And full of personality.  Check out these expressions.  He is a mess.

Hi I can't crawl, but I have this yoga stuff down not really sure what that face means

Hud might not be crawling, but he is sitting up like a champ.  Besides, crawling takes energy.  I can make my brother do all the dirty work while I just sit here and hope to find more food.


Seriously, check out this belly!

Huddie and his big belly Happy Huddie hudster playing in his high chair

and a few of Landon smiling…

Landers saying cheese 

Want to know why Landon is only 17 pounds… because he wants to laugh and play at the dinner table.

The kid is always smiling

Hudson making a plea to stay up later… don’t worry, mommy didn’t cave.

Hud making a plea to stay up later

It is so great to have Grandma and Grandpa down the street.  They are so great with the boys! 

Again, Landon being a ham.

Landon being a ham 24-7Grandpa playing motor boat with Landers.

motor boatingSuperLandon

super landon 

Grandma and Hudson having some QT Grandpa and Huddie

Our new device for when we need some downtime… please don’t call CPS on us.

Seriously dad, you are going to put us in here

After dinner, the boys love to play.  I think they are playing paddy cake with their feet.

play time after dinner

Landon has already figuring out how to fix the computer, hit it!

 Landon is already learning how to fix things, hit it

Tyce and Morg came over Saturday.  They all seemed to have a good time.


I spy..... MORGANFriends!

Tyce and Hud just hangin outHey, you aren’t my brother.

Hey, you aren't my brother

Little wrestling never hurt anyone.

Hudson and Tyce havin a good old time 

And to finish up, my goof ball of a wife.

My wife is a goofball