Sunday, June 27, 2010

The boys are now 4 months old!

As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun.  Hard to believe it has been two weeks since our last post and even hard to believe the boys are already 4 months old.  We went in on Thursday for their doctors appointment.   Overall, all is good.  Hudster still has some really dry skin.  We are thinking it is from the heat inside the swaddle.  It is a catch 22 right now, leave him unswaddled and awake, or swaddle him up to sleep like a little baby and have bad skin.  We are going to try some different lotions and soap to see if that makes any difference. We might even try to start breaking the swaddle habit.  We’ll see how it goes over the next few days.

Since we moved from 7 feedings a day to 6 over the past two weeks, Landon has had some difficulties taking more food at each feeding.  The doc checked out our charts (and yes, we keep detailed charts from each feeding) and recommended that we go back to 7 feedings.  Doesn’t sound like much on the surface, but adding a 7th feeding for Landon and not Hudson means they are on different schedules.  We made the decision to just put Hudson back on 7.  And the good news, after three days of dropping the amount of food for Landon, he is doing much better.  Hudson doesn’t seem to mind either.  He pretty much eats anything and everything we put in front of him.  We still have spit up, but nothing like it had been.  Two steps back, one step forward.  We’re getting there, slowly but surely.

As for weights, Hudson is now 13 lbs and Landon is approaching 12.  It is amazing to see where they have come from in such short order.  Our boys are growing like weeds!

2 month photo


3 month photo

April 24, three months

4 month photo

4 months

I did get to experience my first fathers day.  It was great!  The boys treated me to sleeping in late (ok, not even close), breakfast in bed (I mean, I cooked breakfast), a day at the pool (well, I did get an hour there), craft time that involved paint, hands and feet (what were we thinking), a relaxing massage (score) and a home cooked meal!!  Not bad for the first go round.

Happy Father on Father's Day

Getting the boys to hold still was harder than expected.  We are halfway through, final product should be done in a couple weeks.  Stay tuned.

And craft time with Hud

Craft time

The perfect end to Father’s Day.

Father's Day Dinner - stir fry

Me with pops on Father’s day!

Happy Father's Dad to Dad

For some strange reason, someone (ok, it was all Erin, but I’m not pointing any fingers) decided that we didn’t have enough going on in our lives and wanted to paint the play room.  After trying about 10 different shades of yellow, khaki and browns, we finally settled on one.  And the decision to hire someone to come do it for us was the best idea since sliced bread.


Redoing play room - before 

Redoing play room - during 



p.s. we added some good new artwork and a cornice board to the room in addition to the paint.  Overall, it turned out great.  Just not sure when we will get the fan installed.  Maybe for their 1 year birthday party. :)

We also moved the boys to their individual cribs.  They are growing so much.  They are now almost two feet long and keeping them sideways in the crib isn’t an option.  And with them in individual cribs, I can no longer get away with one monitor.  So for a few days, I spent some time in the attic and dropping cords down the wall… but it is now complete and we can check on the boys from any tv in the house.


And while we were getting good with cameras, we decided to go ahead and do the same for Erin’s car.  Using a mirror on the seat works great for one kid, but getting it positioned for two is just about impossible.  And you know how boys like new toys, it seemed like a great opportunity to add another one to our lives.

Want to play a game of I spy? Anyone see Hudson?

I spy Hudson

What about Elle?

I spy Elle

And here is my mini me

my mini me

Landon catching some sleep after his bottle.  I still can’t believe the way his hair looks!

Landon getting some shuteye


Call stopped by to see the boys and got some time on the activity mat.

Call and Hud getting some quality time 

And of course a photo holding them.  Wow, can’t believe how big all three of the guys are. 

Hud and Lan enjoy some photo time with Cal

I bet grandpa can’t remember the last time he had someone on his shoulders. It was probably me and about 25 years ago.

Cal and Grandpa justa hangin

Grandma and Hud relaxin’

Grandma and Hudster

One of our new gifts are director chairs complete with their initials on them.

Do we look famous in our director chairs

Our first semi-roll over.  Disclaimer, Landon is propped on a pillow and has is using it as some leverage to make it happen.  But hey, we’re getting closer.

Roll 1 Roll 2 Roll 3

Think my hat is too big for me?

i think it is a little big

Daddy and Hud enjoying some much needed sleep.

sleepy time

Landon has finally found his hands.  He loves to try and see if it will fit in his mouth.

i found my hand

A common question we get is asking why it takes so long to feed.  Well, the obvious answer is there are two.  But the second answer involves the words “sleeping” and “heads”.

It is tough to feed sleepy heads

Happy Grandpa and his Hudson

Grandpa and Hudster

Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad ali

The sign of a peaceful dinner.

the sign of a peaceful dinner

We made an outing to see the Cal’s first soccer game.  And by the looks of it, we have the next Pele, I mean Tim Howard on our hands.  And the best part, I asked Cal at halftime how many saves he had –-- his response, “two handfuls and two.” Translation from a 4 year old, 12.  And I think I’m more impressed that he is keeping his own stats during the game.

Cal has a beat on it and it has been stopped!

Cal taking a break from the action and checking on Landon

The McCandless and Genthner Family


The Jensen family stopped by to get in on the action.  And yes, Cory was sober enough to hold one of our boys.  Don’t be calling CPS on us.

The Jensen fam got in on the action

Erin getting on some bedtime reading.  Too bad the boys are already sleeping. :)

bedtime reading to the boys

Hudson and Gram getting in some smiles

lots of smiles

And speaking of smiles.

I give big smiles

Here is a sign of daddy not being present. Really mom, I’m not a dress up doll.

Really Mom, I'm not a dress up doll

But if I must, I’ll have a good time with it.

but i'll have fun with it anyway

That’s all folks!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Life in the fast lane

Wow, it is quite amazing to watch another week go by… how does it happen so fast?!  I know it has been a bit since I last posted, get over it.  I’m doing it as quickly as humanly possible.  If you would like to see posts more regular, come on over at 10 p.m. every night, there is a feeding at that time you can have. :)

Because the boys decided to come so early, Erin had to go back and teach one last week to finish out the school year.  For the week, we were lucky to have Gram (aka Erin’s mom) spend the week with us.  We also had my dad come over and help with the feedings.  Makes it easy for me when I have great help handling all the duties!  We also now have a super clean house.  Thank you!!!

The boys are doing great.  They are eating much better.  They still have their share of spit up, but we keep reminding ourselves from where they started.  Using a couple bibs during a feeding is much better than changing their clothes and ours.  They are also gaining weight!  Hudson weighs 11 lbs 15 oz and Landon is 10 lbs 13.5 oz.  And the unofficial length is 23 inches for both.  Hard to believe they are almost two feet tall.  We have come along ways in just over three months.

We have actually ventured outside of the house… couple visits to restaurants, a friends house, Lowes, Babies R Us, Target…  we are big time now.  We don’t really know what we are doing, but we are starting to figure it out.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy.

Ry and Morg checking out the boys

Ry and Morg came to see the boys 

Aunt Tara loving her some Hudson

Aunt Tara loving her some hudson

At least one of the kids is smiling

at least one of the kids is smiling

Reese has this “say cheese” stuff down

Reese figured out how to say cheese

I’ll smile for the camera if you hurry up and get me my food


Grandma holding Landon at Los Charros.  My first meal out.

Los Charros First Mexican Dinner (6) 

My first of many visits to Lowes

Lowes Visit (2)

Mom pushing the stroller

Lowes Visit 

Grandpa has things under control

Grandma tending twins 

Three month photo – May 24th

April 24, three months

Have you seen my baseball? Has anyone seen my baseball

Amy stopped by to say hi and meet the boys

Amy stopped by to meet the boys

Nicole and Ashlyn justa hangin

Nicole and Ashlyn

Caden and Dylan getting in on the reading action

Caden and Dillan checking out the boys' books

Aunt Olescia and Uncle Gary looking like naturals

Aunt Olescia and Uncle Gary looking like naturals

Looks like Huddie found himself a new friend

Huddie found himself a new friend

Gram getting in on the feeding action

Gram getting in on the feeding action

Uncle J getting him some Huddie love

Uncle Coke getting warmed up for his little one set to arrive in two weeks

stop by this house, and we WILL put you to work

stop by this house and we will put you to work

My new name is Smiles


The boys are enjoying a bedtime story

the boys and mom enjoying a nighttime story

Landon slept through his diaper change. Score.

Landon decided to sleep through his diaper change

The sisters enjoying the boys.


Did someone say hats?

Gram, E and the boys showing off some new hats

Please tell me we don’t have to wear these when we get older

i can't wait till i'm older and get to pick out my own clothes


big yawn

 hide n seek?

somebody is trying to hide

Karen brought Ryan by to say hi

Ryan came by to meet the boys

Sushi night… and we behaved.

We are just hangin, hopin something gets passed our way


Daddy and his boys

umm, can you get me a more manly seat

can you please get me a more manly color

Aunt Christine enjoying her some Landon

Landon making friends with Aunt Christine

Huddie checking out his new mobile

Hud chillin in his bed

Bedtime story is complete, swaddle done… now it is time to say goodnight.

the boys are swaddled and done with story time.