Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

In some eyes, our boys are 8 weeks old… in others, they are just now born.  Today would have been our 40 week due date.  Crazy to think that we would have missed out on all of the fun the past 8 weeks have brought to us.  Ok, there might be a little sarcasm in there. :)

The boys are great.  They are getting big.  We go back to the doctor for official weights, but we are thinking Landon is just shy of 8 pounds and Hudson is 8 and half pounds.  Then again, Hudson feels like 10!

They both are still having issues with reflux.  We are now taking meds (no, not the parentals) morning and night.  Hopefully it will start to help.  Landon is also still on SimplyThick.  Hopefully we will be able to end that when we go back for another Barium Swallow Study later next month.

We want to thank our parents for helping out.  Charlotte (aka Gram) spent all day Tuesday cleaning house.  Oh, and she took the 2 a.m. feeding on Monday night.Um, lifesaver.  And check out our newest edition to the front door at the very bottom of the picts.  Thanks mom (aka Grandma)!


Brothers enjoying some sleeping time.

boys sleeping on playmat

The boys getting some rest after their hard work making grandma a birthday card.

Boys made grandma a bday card

the yellow shirt clan.  my brother meeting Landon for the first time.

scott meeting landon for the first time

Rain enjoying some rocking time with both boys.

Rain enjoying a little rocking time with the boys 

Grandma getting her feed on.

Grandma helping with the feedings

our dinner table suddenly got a little bit crowded.

We had some new company at the dinner table with us

why do we let mommy and daddy do things like this to us.

Boys enjoying a quick nap

Andy meeting the boys for the first time.

andy meeting the boys

adorable indeed.

the boys just a hangin

Hudson thinking about rolling over for some tummy time.

hudson thinking about doing some tummy time

Doesn’t Landon look so much bigger here?

i see a twin

um, feed me.

and we are getting hungry

Sleepy heads.

sleepy heads

See, daddy does give baths.

daddy giving his first bath

Looking mighty content.

Hud looking like he is content

If I wasn’t so comfortable, I would be annoyed right now with this monkey outfit.

mommy snugglying up hud after his bath

Landon enjoying his bath time as always

Landon's turn

Daddy sneaking a little kiss as her gets Landon all clean.

Landon getting a quick kiss

And finally, mom came over yesterday and planted our pots at the front door.  Hopefully her green thumb will wear off on our boys as Erin and I are definitely never going to have it.  Don’t they look amazing?!

Flower pot 1

Flower pot 2

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

After 49 days in the NICU, Landon was finally able to go home.  We were officially discharged on Tuesday afternoon. Our goodbyes were tearful, but definitely happy.  Hard to believe that you can become so close to complete strangers.

Lisa getting some last snuggle time

Mandy, Erin, Lisa and our man Landon

Rebecca and Lisa with Hudson

Sheryl, Erin and Landon

 Katie and Hud

nicole saying goodbye


and our departure:

One last picture before leaving

After leaving the NICU, we were able to reunite the brothers and then head home.

happy parents


Erin getting one last glimpse before we head home

The boys just hangin

The boys enjoy some quality time together…

 hi dude, what's up

Best friends now that we are free, what do you want to do 

hangin on the mat

Aunt Romy stopped by to meet Landon…

Aunt Romy holding the boys

Then Aunt Tara and Uncle Dan…

Uncle Dan and Aunt Tara getting into the action

 Aunt Tara holding Landon for the first time

Landon decided he wanted to hang in the big boys chair.

Landon just chillin

Then it was time for a nap.  We first laid on the floor, then moved to the crib.

 boys enjoying some rest without beeps and sounds of the nicu

The boys took a nap on the floor

our very own burritos

Grandpa and Papa stopped by.  It was nice to have the help.  I think they were just looking to get some pictures and take a peek at them… but we put them to work!

Grandpa has his hands full

Stop by the Genthner house and you will be put to work

Grandfathers enjoying them some quality time


I haven’t given updates on weights, but our fatty’s are getting up there.  Hudson is now 7 lbs, 5 oz, and Landon is 6 lbs 14 oz.  And we are officially in Newborn diapers.  Big steps from where we came.  Heck, we have already doubled in size!

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Chapter… Maybe?!

We received some wonderful news today… if (and let me stress on the IF portion) Landon behaves himself one more night, he is home free!  Ssh, don’t tell him.  We figured if he heard the news, he would figure out a way to act up and stick around with all of his girlfriends in the NICU! 

And yes, we are super ready to start a new chapter in our lives.  We both knew that our boys were going to be in NICU given that they were only 32 weeks along, but we never imagined that we would spend the first 7 weeks of their lives in it.  We are super grateful for the wonderful nurses and all of the great care that they received.  Without all of their advice, words of encouragement, and knowing that they were in good hands when we left to get some sleep, we would have never made it!

Enjoy some of the latest pictures:

Landon getting tons of kisses.

Landon getting some lovin

Landon posing, but really thinking about a puke he is about to let go.

hangin out on a sunday afternoon

Landon getting some snuggle time with mom.

Erin Snuggling up to Landon 

Hudson enjoy some of his new toys.


Daddy enjoying his last Sunday (hopefully) in the NICU.

Daddy and Landon

Hudson taking a quick nap after his hard days work.

Hudson enjoy some time with mom 

Nurse Katie introduced us to crack, I mean Blue Bell Banana Pudding.  If you are an American, you will love it.

Bluebell Banana Pudding is like crack

Robyn and Eric stopped by to meet Hudson.

E and Rob meeting Hud for the first time