Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hey... Hey.. We love May!

We’ve had a fun month of May so far! The weather is perfect & there’s so much to do outside that we don’t want to miss anything! The boys got new Strider bikes for their bdays, and that’s all Landon wants to do. Hudson is warming up to it more & more, but I think they both look so adorable on them! We went to the snow cone lady last week, and the boys really loved it. Looks like they take after their love of snow cones just like their mama. Mother’s day was a very special day. A yummy breakfast cooked by Jason hit the spot. He surprised me with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that are super cute & a poem of our nightly prayer that we say to the boys with their picture on it. :) I feel so blessed & lucky to have these 3 boys in my life! I love being a mommy & I'm so thankful for my wonderful mom as well. I hope everyone had a blessed Mother's Day! We had our moms over for a Mother’s Day dinner which was really nice. Jason, Scott, & Ernie put on a delicious dinner, while us girls just sipped on wine. ;) Not a bad gig. Gram was babysitting Riley & Morgan, so they came along too!
Grandma making snowcones for all the kids!