Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6 Months!

Wow, did we really just have 6 months of our lives fly by or what?!?!  It has been a blur for sure, but such a wonderful time in our lives.  The boys are doing great.  We are headed in for our 6 month check up on Wednesday and can’t wait for the doc to see how they have changed.

Here is our 6th month picture:

Huddie and Landers - 6 Months

And for a refresher… here is our 2 month and 4 month shots.  Man, they are growing up quick!

two months old4 months After our 6 month photoshoot, we hung out in the crib and had a little chit chat.

just talkin bout the ladies DSC_0344 Landers, you funny

Then we got some snuggles from momma

Huddie and his momma

And it looks like the tooth fairy might have to make a visit… Landon has a reason for some of his fussing!

 I spy our first tooth

And while Landon is showing off his new tooth, Huddie is chillin’


During our spare time, we love to Smile!


We might be twins, but we sleep totally different… L on his tummy, H on his side.

Landers sleeping Huddie sleeping

And we love to play… we have a new jumparoo (thanks Caden and Dylan) and an exersaucer from Cal and another from Erin’s Daffron team.  And I might reading into things, but I think I see a guns up from Landon.  Never too early to be a Red Raider!

Landers loving him some lights Get your guns up  The competing exersaucer Landon loves him some lights





 Huddie and the new jumparoo

The boys are starting to love bath time.  Or I should say, they love to snuggle up in their blankets afterwards.

Landon snuggled up in his towel Hudson snuggled up in his towel 

Huddie starting his addiction to cell phones early.

Startem early

Huddie lovin on his momma

Huddie and his mommy

Landon being serious, for a change. Hi dad 

Hudson getting in on the Double T action.

Huddie and his Double T

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big week for the boys!

First of all, we are losers for not posting in so long. We keep saying we will get better, and then all of the sudden 3 weeks pass in a flash and still no new postings..  I told Jason I’ll take on the blog again, so I’m apologizing in advance that it won’t be near as good as when he does it.  :)

So, the boys have totally come alive this week! Not that they weren’t  before, but they have done so many things. The week started last Sunday with them busting out of their swaddles, so now they are 100% unswaddled for all naps and bedtime! It really makes life easier just putting them in the crib as is! They also made it without the 10 pm feeding last Friday night, and managed to still sleep until 7:30 am! So now, we feed at 7:15 pm or so, and put them to bed by 8:00 and they last until 7:30 in the morning. I still don’t get how they know to do this, but we aren’t  complaining. It’s a   beautiful thing! We now how time in the evenings to do things and be a couple again. :)

They are also reaching and holding toys, which is so cute. Landon is  also a rolling machine! He rolls into Hudson now when playing on the floor…he’s going to be the busy boy for sure!  He now sleeps on his tummy half the time and sometimes on his side. Hud isn’t rolling as much, he’s just much more laid back and not as eager. He’d rather watch Landon and be entertained by him.  Hudson is weighing in at 15 lbs, 7 oz, and Landon at 14 lbs!

Hard to believe they will be 6 months old next Tuesday!

Playdates with friends!

The Erins

playdate fun


First sleepover at Gram’s Sunday night

IMG_0197 IMG_0202IMG_0203 IMG_0207

Just hangin’ out and havin’ fun   

story time DSC_0499 DSC_0618DSC_0531  DSC_0447 

Landers doing tummy time in crib


I love my boys! All 3 of them!

cracker jacks when does the game startDSC_0635  DSC_0639DSC_0631DSC_0530

Uncle Dan is goofy!

Eating Pie and having fun

Happy 5th b-day to our adorable nephew Cal!

DSC_0643 DSC_0644 

BBQ with friends at the Walkers’ house

jess and jaker

Ryan made Orlando’s Blue Zunis! mmmm..


We had no clue Jeff did this until after! What a nut!